It gives me great pleasure to officially announce that the 3rd Annual Conference of the INDIAN ACADEMY OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD AND NECK SURGERY will be held in Kolkata from 26th to 28th of August 2016. The conference will be preceded by 8 preconference workshops that will run concurrently on the 25th of August (Thursday).

Just like the two previous annual conferences of the IAOHNS, the third conference will also focus on showcasing what are the latest and the best in the different branches of ENT. Researchers and clinicians from all disciplines of ENT (basic science, research and development, applied science, clinical etc) are welcome to present their innovations, insight and clinical experience that will sharpen our diagnostic skills and improve treatment outcome. ENT today is a very vast subject and comprises of at least twenty diverse subdisciplines or superspecialities. Mind-boggling changes have taken place in each segment of ENT and all of us are obligated not only to know but also offer to our patients the latest diagnostic / treatment modalities that is available anywhere. We need to keep pace with the rapid changes that are taking place and that is precisely the objective of this conference.

Today’s patient (if not the patient then the accompanying party at least) is aware of the latest developments anywhere in the world, thanks to the internet and our approach to the patient has to match the most contemporary methods of diagnosis and treatment. The purpose of our conference is to update clinicians on the latest modalities of ENT management that the world can offer, bridge any lacunae that are there in our knowledge and impart confidence to the members of our fraternity (at least to the few hundreds who will be attending the conference) that the best of ENT is available in our country and is offered by us. We are having the innovators in different branches of ENT from different parts of the world and from across the country to apprise us of all that is contemporary, ethical and rational in the discipline of ENT today.

With so many ENT and ENT related conferences / workshops that are taking place how is this one different and what is so special about IAOHNS and its conferences. Well, I can assure that this will not be an ENT mela but a very focussed academic meeting of the best clinical and scientific minds in our profession. The focus of the meeting will be the very rich academic program that will include very detailed discussions on topics like Hypoglossal nerve pacemaker for sleep apnoea, 3D Image guided Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Stroboscopy, Gamma knife therapy for Head Neck Tumors, Video Head Impulse Test, ocular VEMP, Sialoendoscopy, Robotic surgery etc etc. We have kept business sessions in a separate hall where we have invited business houses like instrument manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to present their latest innovations / products and also companies who help to establish special clinics like high tech vertigo ,voice, sleep clinics in ENT set-ups with different financial packages. Though there is no denying that Kolkata has a number of tourist attractions, we would not want you to attend this purely academic meet to savour the attractions of Kolkata. The academic feast and the latest updates we will offer will be reason enough for you to participate in this conference. Our preconference workshops and academic program will be more attractive to you than all the tourist attractions put together. You will get a lot of opportunities to come to Kolkata in future on different prertexts /occasions when you will enjoy the other attractions of Kolkata but this time please do come for what you as an academician enjoy the most; we will ensure that this will be a memorable visit for the right reasons.

Expecting to see you in August with your presentations, mobile phones to videograph others presentations and notebooks to take notes that you will treasure for the next two decades

Respectfully yours,

Anirban Biswas
Chairman of the organising committee
3rd Annual conf of IAOHNS, Kolkata.

26th to 28th August

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